for A
Better Humanity
May/June 2015
"Say, 'O My servants who have
transgressed against their souls
[by sinning], despair not of  
the mercy of Allah (God).  
Indeed, Allah forgives sins.  
Indeed, it is He who is
the Forgiving, the Merciful"
-Qur'an, 39:53-
To keep our food source as local and sustainable as possible we also support  
locally made products.  One such source is
The Family Cow located in
Chambersburg, PA.  Every two weeks we are able to purchase raw milk, raw milk
cheese, eggs, honey, chicken, duck, and other farm fresh products.  We are
thankful that there are sources of farm fresh foods available to us.  We
encourage everyone to find a local source to obtain and support sustainable
We are CSA coop members.  Our CSA is The Farm of Peace located in
Warfordsburg, PA.  It is located approximately two hours from Baltimore.
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